Bubble Guru Advice: Should You Sleep On A Sofa

There were two questions that came to mind when I thought about writing this article. Can you sleep on a sofa? Should you sleep on a sofa?

Obviously, you can sleep on a sofa, so that idea hit the trash bin right away. We have all slept on a sofa at one time or another. Sometimes you get a good nights sleep and other nights it is horrible. So, the question is, should you sleep on a sofa?

Sleeping on a sofa is alright if there is nothing else available, like when your wife kicked you out of bed. It is more comfortable than sleeping on a hard floor and will help you get some rest for a night or two. As you might be guessing, there was a big “but” at the end of that last sentence.

You will notice after one or two nights on a sofa that you are starting to get a few aches and pains in parts of your body that normally feel great in the morning. Your neck might be stiff. You might get a cramp in your legs at night. Your back might hurt.

All of those aches and pains are caused by bad support and bad positioning on a couch. Couch cushions are designed to give under the weight of someone sitting and to provide them with comfort. Cushions are usually too soft for optimal sleeping. Your body sinks in at the wrong spots causing misalignment of your spinal column.

Cushion have gaps in between them, also. Those gaps make for uneven support across your body giving you even more aches and pains.

We have not even jumped into the fact that most couches are too short for the average man to lay fully down fully extended. You end up with your legs bent in an unnatural state for sleeping. You cannot rollover properly, because there is not room. That’s why you should always look for coupons and find the perfect sofa or mattress for yourself. I would recommend going with Purple Mattress Discount Code as they are one of the best. Just grab any discount and enjoy your sleep.

As you already knew, a sofa is a very poor substitute for a bed, unless it is a hide-a-bed.

Now, we switch into a new category of sleeping on the sofa. If your bed folds out into a full-size bed, then the story gets a little better. At least you can stretch-out and roll with ease. There are still some problems with a hide-a-bed sofa. The mattress gets folded into the sofa. This means by definition that it must have weaker areas where the folds exist. This can provide for uneven support and still cause some aches and pains, but far less than a standard couch.

In most homes, if you need an extra bed without taking up a lot of space, a high-quality air mattress is better than sleeping on a couch. With a built-in pump they can be ready in moments.

The ideal solution is to have a great mattress set that provides a great night of sleep consistently. Use the sofa to sleep on when it is a necessity for a night or two, but do not make it a habit. It is not good for your body, your sleep patterns, and your overall health.


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