How to make extra money

Do you need a few extra bucks? Well, we know some methods how you can make them extra. How to make extra money?

Clicking on ads

Another idea for earning money for people who do not want to leave the house. All you have to do is log in to one of the many websites that provide paid advertising, especially abroad. You just need to click on them to make money appear in our account, usually small, but if we watch the ads patiently, we will earn 20 dollars without too much effort.

Earning on the blog

The easiest way to set up a blog on WordPress CMS is, of course you must have an idea for blogging. It is worth choosing a topic that you know about and which can be cash in some way. Most often, you earn from running a blog by inserting AdSense ads in the body of the article. You can also earn from sponsored entries. Monetization options on the blog are plenty.

making extra money

Participation in research, including scientific ones

Many students usually know additional ways to earn a living quickly. Until recently, handing out leaflets or being a hostess at the event reigned supreme. Currently, much more popular is even going to the plans of various live programs (although not very profitable) or shooting plans for movies and series. In this case, however, do not set too much cash. The main plus is that it is usually paid at the end of the shooting day or after filming the program with the participation of the audience.

However, such actions are relatively rare. Much more often, however, universities and laboratories are looking for people who agree to take part in the study. It’s usually about undergoing EEG or magnetic resonance imaging and then following the simple instructions of the examiner. Sometimes the respondent’s response is measured in a different way. Always, however – with full security, it is worth adding that some of the tests are very pleasant for the subject himself. An example would be the study of the behavior of … computer players.

Graphic designer

If you have “this something” in your hand and you know programs such as CorelDraw, Flash or Photoshop well, then this work is just for you. The graphic artist’s earnings are proportional to his experience in the abovementioned programs. The more you move about them, the more you earn. Start by designing banners and business cards, develop your workshop over time and gain new skills. A graphic designer is a very forward-looking direction, invest in yourself!


Can you bake cakes? Ask at local cafes if they don’t want to order some baked goods. Do you take photos? Make a portfolio online and advertise on portals. Do you write lyrics? Offer your services to someone.

The same with all products: bracelets, things you knit or even preparations in a nice decorative jar. Now it’s a return to naturalness, so homemade jams, compotes and other such things can make a sensation. The ground is an idea and proper self-advertising. Give some heart and what you like to do, and it will definitely pay off.

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