To start with, you should know that the values ​​given by operators are inflated, although everything is true. How is this possible? What is your Internet speed? Check it out with our tips.

Why should you check internet speed?

Too low does not necessarily mean that we have been deceived. Let’s check all programs running in the background. Those that download something will have their icon either directly on the Toolbar or on the watch. Rather, look among the latter. Games-related applications, Windows updates, and most often they download data automatically. Just hover over them and wait a moment.

It is worth mentioning that if the tested computer is connected to a WiFi network, speeds may vary depending on the signal strength, distance from the router and the quality of the latter.

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How do you check your internet speed?

The easiest way to do this is through the Speedtest website. To check the speed of our internet, just enter it and press Start.

How to read the result?

In addition to the obvious Mb / s, there is one more value. This is PING, given in units of ms (milliseconds). This is the response time, which is measured from the moment we entered the phrase in the browser until the page loads. The smaller the ping, the better.

Apps for checking internet speed on iPhone and iPad

In the App Store you will find many applications for measuring internet speed, and one of the most interesting is undoubtedly the Speedcheck Internet Speed ​​Test. It offers a really nice interface, trivial measurement and their history with details and easy indication of whether we used a cellular network or Wi-Fi.

How to speed up home internet

Check where the router stands

Like the basis, but many network users forget about it. Theoretically, the best place to place the router is the central part of the apartment. Efficiency will also help if we do not put it on the ground, but place it as high as possible to increase the range of radio transmission.

Find the right channel

It is worth recalling that the Wi-Fi router has channels. Like a trifle, but important – and not everyone takes it into account. And this is a mistake, because changing the channel can be a real hit. Choosing a channel is an individual matter – the right one should be sought by trial and error. When the channel is set up incorrectly, your internet slows down – this is due to interference from other signals.

Limit the number of devices

Nowadays, more and more devices use smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops to access wireless internet. It is enough to connect the device once and it will automatically update the data from time to time, taking some of the link resources. And the dispersion of data transmission does not have a positive effect on its speed, so when the network speed really scrubs at the bottom, you must always disconnect from the WiFi network a device that you are not currently using.

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